ARC (Leeds) Limited offer a range of skills and expertise, so you can be sure that we offer you a roofing solution that is tailored to your needs.


New Roofs

A complete new roof from ARC (Leeds) Limited doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg. Through experience we know what works for customers and how to guide them through the process, keeping them fully informed along the way.

We provide customers with complete start to finish service. This includes the initial roof survey and new roof design right through to the type of materials we use ending in the industry professional installation.

Each one of these stages are important because it not only provides customers with the information they need at each stage but it allows them to be part of the production process if they wish. For example, we can work with you when choosing slating and fixings that are in keeping with the style of your home or neighbourhood. We can also advise on architects that are right for your job ultimately providing drawings of what your new roof will look like.

By being part of the entire installation process will allow you, the customer to be central to the development of your new roof.

Flat Roofs

In contrast to the sloped, more conventional roof, a flat roof is either horizontal or nearly horizontal. Known as the pitch of the roof, flat roofs can be completely flat or with a small gradient, hence the term 'pitch'. Usually found in warmer climates, flat roofs are becoming increasing common in the UK and rainier climates. This is due to the improvements in materials used and more efficient installation techniques. We know this because we have been installing and maintaining flat roofs for over a decade.

It doesn't matter of you are wanting a felt flat roof, fibreglass flat roof, an EPDM Rubber flat roof, single ply or insulated flat roof, we have over 20 years experience on all types of roofing and can provide competitive quotes for all flat roof types.


It's important as a Care Home owner or contractor that due care and attention needs to be considered when giving care homes an assessment of what roofing work needs carrying out. ARC (Leeds) Lead theft is very common and is on the increase on commercial and residential properties. If lead has been stolen for a roof it needs replacing as a matter of urgency as this can result in further roof damage being caused. Over the years, lead can also come away from its fixing causing water and natural elements entering your roof causing additional damage.

At ARC (Leeds) Limited we can help advise on how best to replace stolen or loose lead on your roof, chimney and gutting. With our 20 years of experience within the industry, this maintenance doesn't have to be an expensive job if identified quickly.Limited fully understand this and can be very discreet when making initial assessments of roofing requirements not to disrupt the care home residents.


Every so often things can go wrong with old and new roofs. This can be something as little as a few loose tiles or a slipped fascia right through to rotten membranes that need a complete roof replacement. Most people don't even know what the problem is until it's too late. Your home is an important investment that needs looking after so by keeping on top of maintenance issues they could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen complete roofs needing to be replaced because simple small maintenance problems were not carried out when first identified.

ARC (Leeds) Limited can come out to your property and give you an honest professional assessment of your current roof. Once this has been completed, we can then advise on the best course of action to take.

Our highly skilled roofers have years of experience in Leeds and the surrounding areas can advise on what the exact problem is and what work might need carrying out. Please use the links above or to the right of the this page to see the wide range of maintenance services we can offer.


At ARC (Leeds) Limited we can make your dreams become a reality when it comes to roof renovations. Whether you want us to completely rebuild or just maintain a present roof renovation, we can help you. Our team of highly skilled roofers with over 20 years experience can advise and recommend ways you can make your roof last for many years to come.

Velux Windows

At ARC (Leeds) Limited we have been installing Velux windows in our roof installations for over a decade. We use Velux because they not only transform dark areas into light-flooded, well ventilated living spaces but they are the best in the business. These high quality products can then be passed on to our customers, giving them the peace of mind knowing they have a secure, top quality product.

Velux Windows can come in many different styles, shapes and sizes to fit your roof requirements and budget. Along with the standard sloped Velux Window we can supply Velux windows specially created for flat roofs. These windows offer the ideal solution for bringing in large amounts of daylight. 

These windows also come with a range of blinds and accessories so that you can fully control the amount of light a room receives.

Although we fully recommend Velux windows for all our roofing installations, other options can be discussed to help keep costs down and work within certain budgets. Get in touch with one of our friendly roofers to discuss your options, via the contact us page.


Reputation is everything and our  work is quality

Christopher and Janet Nichols, Oaklands, HARROGATE

We had been having problems with our flat roof for years, so when ARC gave it an assessment, they found that it wasn't fitted properly. After a few days work, they managed to fix the problems with a few simple repairs. Now we haven't had any issues with it since. That was in 2005.

Darren & Jane Appleyard, Acomb, YORK

We knew our roof was leaking but didn't realise how bad it was. It could have been really expensive if I'd left it and didn't get ARC (Leeds) Limited in. They came to look at the damage and offered us a maintenance survey straight away. It only took them 4 hours to repair the damage which cost less than £300. If I'd have left it for another few months I might have needed half my roof replacing. I can't thank them enough for sugguesting a solution that we could afford.

Mr & Mrs Craggs, Rothwell, LEEDS

ARC (Leeds) Limited fitted our complete new roof 5 years ago because of a leak we had in the bedroom ceiling. Since then, we haven't had any problems with it, the leak has gone and the house now seems a lot warmer than before.

Michael Dorchester, Nether Poppleton, YORK

When we got our new roof fitted it was great because ARC (Leeds) Limited kept us informed about progress nearly every day. They put our minds at ease and advised on areas we knew little about. From their advice we also saved a few hundred pounds off the original quote which was great news!

Mick Barraclough, BRADFORD

The guys at ARC we're great. My house faces South so I had a great opportunity to have a conservatory. I'm in the building trade but I didnt know much about conservatories and which ones to choose from so the advice ARC gave me was sound. They managed to get me a really good deal which was a lot cheaper than other quotes I've had before.


Our slate roof was over 70 years old so we needed a roofing professional who could provide us with a solution to replacing our slate roof. We had lots of quotes but we found that the customer service ARC Leeds Limited offered was exceptional. They helped us understand each stage of the process and kept my wife and I informed about costs, material and time. The new roof now looks better than ever.